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At WeatherPRO Roofing the greater Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex area, we offer all of the following services:

Roof Repairs Done Correctly!

        Missing shingles, leaks around chimneys ,leaky valleys, skylight leaks, missing hip or ridge, jacks...    

      The Competition is here! Choose the Best Roofing Company in the DFW area - call WeatherPRO Roofing today at (469) 500-3840. We can assess your situation quickly and recommend a plan of action fast.

      Our roofing professionals can install your choice of roof, repair your existing, or replace your roof. We work directly with all major insurance companies to handle roof insurance claims as well.

      We use only the most reliable craftsmen and the highest quality local materials to ensure that you receive an excellent roof that is built for our climate and then work to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience throughout the process!

      At WeatherPRO Roofing , we look forward to competing for your business! We are confident we can compete well in construction, materials, pricing, claims handling and customer satisfaction. Roofs professionally built, Texas tough, that can handle our rough weather.

      Top Quality! Have a Roof Installed that Can Handle Texas Weather!
      You know how it works...If you don't like the weather... wait ten minutes

      Many of Our Roof Products are Made Locally (We wish they all were)
      Support our Local Businesses and Manufacturers we are all in this together

      Licensed, Insured, with an A+ BBB Rating
      Professional installation of Professional Grade Roofing Products... the two go hand in hand

      Competitive! Compare our Materials, Installation, and Pricing
      We are Competitive with all the Out of State Storm Chasers as Well...

    • For your next roofing installation, re-roofing, or roof repair project, call the experts at WeatherPRO Roofing at 469-500-3840.
    • The Top Five Most Common Roof Repair Areas

    • The Super Common Leak Around the Pipe Jacks
      Pipe jacks flashings that protect against leakage from protruding pipes

      At WeatherPRO Roofing, the most common leak we see are leaks around pipes. They have to be there to ventilation your plumbing, your heaters, your water heater, etc. But anything that punches a hole in your roof creates a potential leak site. The cheap pipe flashings in common use today tend to fail at the 7 year mark. It is probably the hot Texas sun that breaks down the black plastic, but it happens every day.

      The Always Vulnerable Chimney Area
      With lots of places for masonry to crack and a wide base area for water to hit, chimneys leak
      At WeatherPRO Roofing, we see a lot of chimney leaks. The bigger (wider) the chimney and the farther from the peak of the roof (the more water hits it), the greater the chance for a leak. Often the chimney has leaks from old caulking that dried out or was never installed correctly, or the entire chimney may not have been counter flashed, or the masonry is cracked allowing water behind the flashing. Chimney leaks require a keen eye and common sense to diagnose properly.
      Skylights leaking is a Fairly Common Problem
      Once again, like a chimney, the wider the skylight, and the farther it is located from the peak of the roof, the greater the chance for a roof leak based upon the sheer quantity of water that can impact it.
      Skylights can leak from the counter flashing being improperly installed, the caulking missing or not installed properly, failing to caulk the top of the opening before screwing down the skylight itself, broken skylite seals, or installing the skylite too close to the roof deck.
    • Loss of Shingles from a Wind Storm
      Luckily, this is the easiest problem to visualize
      A good wind storm can blow off shingles. Especially if it is a three tab roof (rated for 60 mph winds) on a two story exposed gable end. The repair is usually very straight forward and not too difficult.
    • Ice Damming
      A Texas August day can bevery hot in the and one in February - surprisingly cold and snowy
      Funny thing about temperatures in Texas. They can be extreme. We do not build roofs here to handle ice like you would in Colorado or in Minnesota, so if we get a snowy winter like January-February 2011(remember the Superbowl?). Our houses are not designed with ice and water shield to handle big snows, so leaks occur during the freakish weather events that are never otherwise present.
    • There are certainly other things that cause roof leaks such as falling trees, hail storms, tornados (obviously) and much more.
    • Whatever roof problem you encounter, give us a call at 469-500-3840 and we would be happy to take a look at it and devise a solution for you.





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