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At WeatherPRO Roofing in Wylie, we offer all of the following services:

Roof Replacement Done Correctly!

    •   Dallas re-roof    
        The roof above was a two layer tearoff, install plywood, new vents and metal, install ridge vent, paint    

      The Competition is here! Choose the Best Roofing Company in the DFW area - call WeatherPRO Roofing today at (469) 500-3840.

      Our roofing professionals can install your choice of roof, repair your existing, or replace your roof. We work directly with all major insurance companies to handle roof insurance claims as well.

      We use only the most reliable craftsmen and the highest quality local materials to ensure that you receive an excellent roof that is built for our climate and then work to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience throughout the process!

      At WeatherPRO Roofing , we look forward to competing for your business! We are confident we can compete well in construction, materials, pricing, claims handling and customer satisfaction. Roofs professionally built, Texas tough, that can handle our rough weather.

      Top Quality! Have a Roof Installed that Can Handle Texas Weather!
      You know how it works...If you don't like the weather... wait ten minutes

      Many of Our Roof Products are Made Locally (We wish they all were)
      Support our Local Businesses and Manufacturers we are all in this together

      Licensed, Insured, with an A+ BBB Rating
      Professional installation of Professional Grade Roofing Products... the two go hand in hand

      Competitive! Compare our Materials, Installation, and Pricing
      We are Competitive with all the Out of State Storm Chasers as Well...

    • For your next roofing installation, re-roofing, or roof repair project, call the experts at WeatherPRO Roofing at 469-500-3840.
    • The Roof Replacement Process (most roofs take 1-2 days)

    • First, we remove the old roof and inspect the decking
      Removing the old roof often exposes flaws that show up over the years

      At WeatherPRO Roofing, we see a lot of roofs removed and a lot of rotten sheathing. The most common causes of rotted sheathing are leaks around roof penetrations such as pipe jacks, poor flashing around walls, valley leaks, as well as the common skylight leak areas. We always bring out sheathing on every job because it really is that common a problem.

      Secondly and very important- keep the area clean start to finish

      Removing the old roof can be a messy process, especially if care is not taken.
      At WeatherPRO Roofing, we see a lot of roofs being done every day by all kinds of crews, the vast majority of them with no oversight. We see some extreme messes that we assume are to be cleaned up in the end, but there is a much better way through good management. We can greatly minimize the messiness, the amount of stubborn nails driven into the lawn and grounds, etc. We really do take a much smarter approach to roofing. We use a lot of tarps, landscape cloth, and carry the vast majority of shingles directly to the dump bin rather than drop the shingles to the ground. It seems obvious, but it sure isn't.
      Install the Underlayment, especially if there is any chance of rain
      The most common underlayment is #15 felt, but it is certainly not the best choice
      #15 felt is the underlayment of choice for probably 90+% of all re roofs and the reason is cost. It is cheap! It isn't even 15# felt any more, it is now #15 felt that weighs about 12 lbs per square not the old 15 pounds per square.
    • Synthetic is superior in every way! It is stronger, lasts longer, is safer to walk on, especially on steep slopes, it lays flatter, and protects better. If it is in your budget, choose synthetic! It is your ultimate protection against leakage.
    • Install a Quality Roof System
      A quality roof system consists of more than just choosing a shingle color!
      Choosing a good shingle color is not get me wrong! put a white three tab shingle on a nice home and it will look like a double wide or something. It just is not appropriate. Choose a quality manufacturer and take a close look at the options for hip and ridge shingles. We carry a wide range of roof shingles and let you decide which fits your needs. Some shingles offer better colors, some offer better durability. In the end, it is your decision to make. And then choose your trim options. Often, it is the thick ridge and hip shingles that really catch your eye and make the roof look expensive.
    • Ventilate Your New Roof
      A Texas August day can be HOT! Well that is a pretty obvious statement...
      Roof ventilation can dramatically reduce the strain on your AC unit and on the pull of dollars from your wallet to feed it. When you are re-roofing, it is a great time to add more turbines, add ridge vent or to consider radiant barrier materials.
    • Use lead pipe jacks
      The cheap rubber slip on pipe boots fail in just a few years.
      The black plastic slip on boots usually last about 5-7 years before they crack and leak. The lead boots can get gnawed on by squirrels. I'm serious. Our Texas squirrels are some mean hombres, but they are still less likely to cause a leak than cheap plastic. Lead boots look a lot better and we paint them to match your roof. That said, if you have a lot of squirrels, cute furry tailed, fanged, rodents that they are, then call us out once in a while to take a look at your roof.
    • Reflash Your Chimney and Other Vulnerable Areas as Needed
      Believe it or not, steel rusts, even in Texas and caulking cracks and comes loose
      When re roofing, it is a great time to prepare for the coming decades. The idea is that the new roof is supposed to last a great many years. If you are reusing old weathered metal...good luck and say a few prayers. The reality is that most roofs I see are in need of serious work and there is no cheaper time to take care of it than when re roofing when everything is right there in the open begging to be fixed.
    • Use Quality Labor
      You cannot watch someone all the time. Choose people that care about what they are doing.
      In a perfect world all men are created equal and do equal work. I won't go into great detail here...let's just say, "some people are better able to do quality work than others." How's that? safe enough. I am onsite when I "sell" a roof and so is my foreman. A little oversight never hurts even with the best of men.
    • Paint Roof Items to Match the Roof
      Final details make a nice finishing touch
      It certainly isn't necessary to paint all the vents and pipe jacks to match the roof and install matching color turbines and such, but it certainly looks a lot better.
    • Just an Overview
      It was hard to decide what to make #10 be.
      It really is a total roof process from start to finish. From the handling of the claim to assessing the homeowner's desires and creating a roof that matches those desires to communication, attention to details, clean up and just plain job satisfaction. What tells us everything went well is when the customer tells us how happy he or she is with their new roof and how pleased they were with the total process.





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