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At WeatherPRO Roofing in Allen, we offer all of the following services:

WeatherPRO Roofing - Identify Hail Damage- Claims


      The Competition is here! Choose the Best Roofing Company in the greater Dallas- Fort Worth area! We work hard to see that you get a fair claim settlement. We meet with the adjusters on every claim and know what to look for. Everyone has an opinion and we respect that. We just want to make sure that the adjusters see what we find and we can discuss those findings with them. An extra set of educated eyes working on behalf of the homeowner can make all the difference. If we find hail damage we will tell you, if we do not find damage we will let you know. Hail is a funny thing, it can hit one house hard and then leave the neighboring home untouched.

      We know hail is a fact of life here and it does a lot of damage to automobiles and roofs every year. We work to get your claim approved, follow up on the details, get your roof and other damaged areas like gutters replaced, and make the process enjoyable.

      Once approved, our roofing professionals can restore your property to pre storm status and then some. It is a great time to make some improvements in your homes look and ventilation. Get a new home that looks better and is more comfortable to live in, and saves on cooling bills!

      We use only the most reliable craftsmen and the highest quality local materials to ensure that you receive an excellent roof that is built for our climate and then work to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience throughout the process!

      At WeatherPRO Roofing , we look forward to competing for your business! We are confident we can compete well in construction, materials, pricing, claims handling and customer satisfaction. Roofs professionally built, Texas tough, that can handle our rough weather.

      Top Quality! Have a Roof Installed that Can Handle Texas Weather!
      You know how it works...If you don't like the weather... wait ten minutes

      Many of Our Roof Products are Made Locally (We wish they all were)
      Support our Local Businesses and Manufacturers we are all in this together

      Licensed, Insured, with an A+ BBB Rating
      Professional installation of Professional Grade Roofing Products... the two go hand in hand

      Competitive! Compare our Materials, Installation, and Pricing
      We are Competitive with all the Out of State Storm Chasers as Well with Many Advantages!

    • For your next roofing installation, re-roofing, or roof repair project, call the experts at WeatherPRO Roofing at 469-500-3840.

      If you are located anywhere in the DFW area, WeatherPRO Roofing can come to your location, assess the situation, and make a plan to suit your needs. we service all cities and suburbs surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.






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