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Strongest Hail Resistant Roof Shingle

    What is the Strongest Shingle for a Hail Area?

    Class Four shingles are designed to take a greater impact than normal shingles

    Save Money on Homeowners Insurance Policy

    Many insurance companies offer savings up to 28% off your insurance rate. I found that getting information on the phone was often frustrating, but in fact: Serious discounts are available for homes with Class 4 hail resistant shingles installed!

    How do they Work?

    Most class four shingles use a rubberized polymer as the base so they can absorb a greater impact without cracking and "spring back"

    What Brands do you Recommend

    GAF Timberline Class IV and the Atlas Stormmaster Shake or Slate are the two we use the most. Timberline shingles are known for their toughness, while the Atlas shingle also provides StainGard.

    Will They Survive a Big Hail Storm?

    Unfortunately, therein lies the underlying question. I have seen a two week old GAF Class IV destroyed along with the accompanying High Definition Z Ridge. So it is unlikely any shingle roof can withstand a truly vicious hail storm like the 2011 storm that ravaged Coppell, destroying hundreds of cars as well.

    They certainly appear to be stronger than many "normal" shingles and the decision as to whether the choice to install them on your home makes economic sense is youor decision to weigh. We will certainly bring them to your home for your perusal.

    Class Four roofs are not warranted to withstand hail despite the advertisements that seem to indicate otherwise! They are hail resistant not hail proof!


Professional Installation

When choosing a laminate roof product for your home in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, the GAF shingle should be among your buying decision choices!